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Inspirational arrangements, ready-made solutions, add-ons and many new products - now all these elements can be found in one place - the latest Family Interior Catalog from Black Red White. This unique guide to the world of interiors, colors and design is not only a presentation of furniture systems, but above all a publication full of interesting ideas and solutions for everyone who wants to live stylishly, comfortably and in their own way.


Modular Kitchens


Discover the functionality of modular standard kitchens! Systems family kitchen Black Red White give a lot of choices, and different modules allow for any kitchen setting, even in a small room. Find your inspiration in the catalog and let us design your kitchen in 3D.

Custom Kitchens


See the Senso Kitchens catalog! Choose style, colors, materials and various solutions. Learn the latest trends and discover the timeless charm of tradition. Check out more possibilities and see how functional the interior of your kitchen can be.



This is the 10th. edition of our Family Line lounge furniture collection. For years, we have been
working to make each subsequent edition even better than the previous one. We follow trends,
we use new patterns and fabric colours; we introduce functional solutions designed to increase
the quality of your rest.

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