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Assembly 1 for $49.99 - Most of our furniture items come in a flat pack. The cost of assembly is per one item.



Delivery 1 for $59.99 - Applies for delivery within 5 miles from our store

Delivery 2 for $79.99 - Applies for delivery within 10 miles from our store

Delivery 3 for $99.99 - Applies for delivery within 15 miles from our store

Delivery 4 for $99.99 + $1.49 per additional mile assessed one way - Applies for delivery exceeding 15 miles from our store (up to 100 miles)



Moving 1 for $99.99 per hour - We know how to handle your furniture with the utmost care. Get 2 uniformed men with a truck (14') loaded with all necessary equipment such as boxes, wraps, dollies, blankets, rubber bands and furniture cover materials. Only Madison and surrounding areas. Min. 2 hours.



Installation 1 for $199.99 - In-home installation of furniture item or set of items e.g., hanging cabinets on the wall.


Interior Design

Design 1 for $59.99 per hour - We provide basic interior and kitchen design (if you decide to  using our interactive 3D visualization tools. Give us your room dimensions, select the type of product, choice of color and we will create you a rendering.



Staging 1 from $599/month per room - Staging of one room. This may include furniture, upholstery, home decor, etc. Call us for more details.

Staging 2 from $499/month per any additional room - Staging of any additional room. Applies with Staging 1 only. Call us for more details.






Furniture and Furnishing Products

Download our catalogs - Go to the Catalogs link and download catalogs.

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